STEPS at Almedalen – event with Lund University

Plastics is an extremely flexible material, extends the durability of food, is used as an insulator in cables for transmission of electricity. But plastics also lead to problems such as littering and risks related to micro- and nanoplastics. We need more durable plastic, but what is actually more sustainable? Is it bio-based, biodegradable or recycled plastic? Should we use less plastics than today’s 100 kg per person in Europe? And if we’re going to be fossil-free, is there enough biobased…

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STEPS at Almedalen – event with Mistra

The unique properties of plastic have made it an incredibly popular material. We find it in everything from toys and clothes to take-away mugs and smart phones. But plastics also face major challenges, such as carbon dioxide emissions, resource losses and pollution. There are different perspectives on how to solve these problems, both in the short and long term. During the event Life in plastic, is it fantastic? Ett hållbart system för plast till 2030 researchers fromMistra programmes STEPS, REES and Carbon Exit…

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The Plastic Challenge

  Tobias Nielsen and Eva Svensson Myrin talked about the plastic challenge at Ideon Science Park today! Tobias pointed at the plastics system’s complexity and what are the possible different pathways we can go for achieving a more sustainable system. Tobias also presented world plastic bag regulations and reflected upon the possibilities and challenges of governing plastics through legislation. Eva talked about closed-loop recycling and presented a show case of a plastic plate that can be recycled at least 7 times…

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