Lund University

STEPS in panel debate at Lund University

Lowering the climate impact of plastic materials was the main theme of the panel debate held at Lund University today. In front of an audience of over 120 people, plastics experts from STEPS and the Climate-KIC flagship project eCircular discussed reduced consumption, recycling, bioplastics and policies to facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable plastic system. A film of the event will be shortly posted on this website! From left: Lorenzo Rieg (Montanuniversitaet Leoben), Linda Zellner (Perstorp), Karl Edsjö (Electrolux),…

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STEPS at Almedalen – event with Lund University

Plastics is an extremely flexible material, extends the durability of food, is used as an insulator in cables for transmission of electricity. But plastics also lead to problems such as littering and risks related to micro- and nanoplastics. We need more durable plastic, but what is actually more sustainable? Is it bio-based, biodegradable or recycled plastic? Should we use less plastics than today’s 100 kg per person in Europe? And if we’re going to be fossil-free, is there enough biobased…

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