STEPS contributes to new plastic book

STEPS Contributes to New Mistra Book on Plastics

2020-04-15. Several researchers within STEPS have contributed to Mistra’s recently commissioned book about plastics, entitled, Ingen kommer undan plasten. The aim of the book is to increase knowledge on plastics, and to highlight benefits and disadvantages with plastics for our environment and society.

Among the researchers interviewed in the book are Rajni Hatti-Kaul, Baozhong Zhang, Lars J Nilsson and Patric Jannasch. All of them are researchers at Lund University.

Baozhong Zhang comments on contributing to the book: “The plastic crisis is serious and more complex than many people may think.  It’s wonderful for me to participate in this book, sharing with the public some of our experience and opinion about this challenge to society.”

Lars J Nilsson adds: “I appreciate that Mistra took this initiative to make research available to a wider audience. Plastics is both a really bad problem, and a fantastic material!

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