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The plastic in circulation – A day about plastic & recycling

2019-12-11. STEPS researcher Anna Svantesson gave a presentation at Malmö University on the use of packaging in the daily trade industry in Sweden. Other talks included presentations from Sysav and Packbridge. The event was organised by students at Malmö University to highlight the complexity of plastics. Read more here.

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STEPS researchers: All measures to address the plastics problem will fall flat if we ignore increased production

2019-11-14. The price of some recycled plastics is now higher than for new virgin plastics. Meanwhile, plastics production is set to double in the next twenty years. As long as we are not focusing on the root cause of the problem: increased production, measures to address the plastics problem will fall flat say researchers at Lund University. Read the full article here and download the scientific paper here.


Collaboration for Sustainability – How to Move Forward

2019-11-06. STEPS researcher Baozhong Zhang, Associate professor at Department of Chemistry, Lund University, participated in a discussion with academic and non-academic actors on how to create good win-win relationships and collaboration across borders that enable the progress towards sustainability. He spoke about STEPS collaboration with industry partners Bona, Perstorp and Nordic Sugar in the development of the demoproduct, StepOn, a floor coating made out of sugar.
The seminar was part of Talk: Sustainability, a seminar series addressing future challenges connected to the global goals for sustainable development.


So should investors think about plastic – STEPS research gives recommendations for sustainable investments

2019-10-28. Plastic companies which does not have a strategy for how to break their dependence on fossil fuels can be a risk for investors. Therefore investors need to make demands and ask questions about how the company’s plastic is produced, designed, packaged and how it can be recycled. So reads some of the recommendations in a new report from STEPS, Lund University, and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, directed at financial investors. The aim of the report is to make it easier for the financial sector to make sustainable investments. Read the full article here and download the report here.