Taking the next STEPS – towards sustainable plastics

6-8 May 2020, Lund, Sweden


STEPS welcomes you to a conference exploring plastics from multiple perspectives!


Several concurrent developments are shaping the future of plastics.

At the start of 2018, the European Union presented ‘a European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy’, emphasising improved design and production of plastics and plastic products to facilitate reuse, repair, and recycling. It also noted the need to decouple plastic production from fossil resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the commitments under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Even though plastics provide economic and environmental benefits during their use, they have come under close scrutiny for their negative environmental impacts, e.g. from littering and leakage into terrestrial and aquatic environments as well as the contribution to climate change. New production routes, new plastics, and new ways of governing the production and use of this important category of materials are thus needed to allow for more biobased production, increased recyclability, and better post-use management of plastics. These have been key themes within the cross-disciplinary research programme STEPS – Sustainable Plastics and Transition Pathways.

The STEPS programme welcomes you to an international plastics conference taking stock of where we are now, and where we need to go, to transition to a society where plastics are sustainably produced, used and recycled. The programme is funded by Mistra (the Swedish strategic environmental research foundation) since 2016.

We will explore research frontiers in biobased plastics production, including feedstock and polymers, examine current legislative and governance strategies aimed at the plastics industry, and analyse circularity and waste management options.

The conference is open to researchers, students, industry representatives, and representatives from state organisations and civil society.


The conference will explore plastics from three interrelated perspectives:

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Biobased building blocks
plastic-waste-3962409_1280(low res)
Promising polymers
Plastic policymaking

Call for Papers

The call for paper abstracts will open in October 2019. We welcome abstracts from researchers, industry, representatives from state and governmental organisations.
Date, time and place: 6th – 8th May, 2020, Lund University, Lund, Sweden. The conference will start and end with lunch.
Conference Fee: 1500 SEK. The fee includes all food and related conference costs. Free for students.
Registration: the registration will open in January.
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