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We are taking STEPS towards a sustainable future!

STEPS academic and industrial partners, and board members gather in programme meetings twice a year.

STEPS – Sustainable Plastics and Transition Pathways

This research program was initiated during autumn 2016 after being awarded the funding for Mistra´s call of proposals on “Plastics in a Sustainable Society”.

The program, with a strong support from important stakeholders, has a vision of a future society in which plastics are sustainably developed, produced, used and recycled in a circular economy. STEPS is planned in close dialogue with industrial partners, and thus reflects the market needs for sustainable plastic systems both on a short-term and long-term basis.

It is based on the concept of designing eco-friendly plastics having desired material properties and -life cycle by matching appropriate carbon-neutral building blocks and their derivatives. Major focus in the programme is on polyesters, which represent a plastics group with varying properties for wide range of applications and a sizable global market.

STEPS aims to play a key role in instigating and accelerating this sustainability transition by strengthening the knowledge and research base for technology- and product development and innovation, developing and assessing key niche products with industrial partners, and analysing the sustainability, institutional and policy implications of potential transition pathways.

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Who is who?


Christopher Folkeson Welch
Programmes Director at Mistra

Britt Marie Bertilsson_Chair

Britt-Marie Bertilsson
Chair of STEPS Board


Hans Hellsmark
STEPS board member
Associate Professor
at Chalmers


Maria Gustafsson
STEPS board member
Project Manager at the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS)


Søren Hvilsted
STEPS board member
Professor Emeritus at DTU

Management group

Rajni Hatti-Kaul_Programme Director_Professor_Department of Chemistry

Rajni Hatti-Kaul
Program Director
Leader WP1
Lund University


Baozhong Zhang
Leader WP2
Lund University


Lars J Nilsson
Leader WP3
Lund University

Christian Hulteberg_Senior lecturer_Department of Chemical Engineeringv2

Christian Hulteberg
Leader WP1
Chemical Engineering
Lund University

Teis Hansen

Teis Hansen
Leader WP3
Human Geography
Lund University

Åsa Halldén Björklund_Technical Market Development Manager_Perstorp

Åsa Halldén Björklund
Leader WP2

Ellen närbild full

Ellen Lindblad
Leader WP3
Sysav Utveckling AB


Nicola Rehnberg
Leader WP1
Bona and CAS, Lund University

John J Jensen_Modified

John P Jensen
Leader WP1
Nordic Sugar

Linda Zellner_Director of Innovation -Materials, Feed & Food_Perstorp

Linda Zellner
Leader WP2

Ellen Palm_PhD_Environmental and Energy Systems Studies_Lund University

Ellen Palm
Leader WP3
Lund University


Johanna Generosi
Program Coordinator
Lund University

Non-academic partners

STEPS in media

STEPS is a research program of great interest for all parts in the Society. One important mission in the program is to communicate developments and finding on different levels.

Here you can find some of the information published in media.

160922Tema plast: På jakt efter miljövänlig, hållbar plastLund University Research Magazinewww.fokusforskning.lu.se/2016/09/22/pa-jakt-efter-miljovanlig-hallbar-plast/
160922Kan du tänka dig en värld utan plast?Lund University Research Magazinehttp://www.fokusforskning.lu.se/2016/09/22/kan-du-tanka-dig-en-varld-utan-plast/
160922Hur skapar vi ett hållbart kretslopp för plast?Lund University Research Magazinehttp://www.fokusforskning.lu.se/2016/09/22/hur-skapar-vi-ett-hallbart-kretslopp-for-plast/
160922Att använda bioplaster för 3D-utskrift – tre frågor till Olaf DiegelLund University Research Magazinehttp://www.fokusforskning.lu.se/2016/09/23/att-anvanda-bioplaster-for-3d-utskrift-tre-fragor-till-olaf-diegel/
160922Stora möjligheter med bioplasterLund University Research Magazinehttp://www.fokusforskning.lu.se/2016/09/22/stora-mojligheter-med-bioplaster/
161013Kampen mot en ohållbar plastvärldLunds universitets magasin (LUM)www.lum.lu.se/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/LUM-6-2016.pdf
161208Robusta biobaserade plasterPlastforumwww.plastnet.se/article/view/526683/robusta_biobaserade_plaster
170111Framtidens plast kan tillverkas av koldioxidLTH-Nyttwww.lth.se/fileadmin/lth/omlth/kommunikation/lthnytt/LTHnytt_nr2_2016.pdf
170123Kraftfullt svenskt bioplast projektPlastforumwww.plastnet.se/alla/kraftfullt-svenskt-bioplastprojekt/
170124STEPS mot biobaserad plastproduktionNordisk bioplastföreningwww.nordiskbioplastforening.se/2017/01/24/steps-tar-stora-steg-mot-svensk-biobaserad-och-hallbar-plastproduktion/
170305Bioplasters roll i framtidens samhällePolymervärldenhttp://sustainable-steps.se/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Polymerv%C3%A4rlden-2-17.pdf
170322Bioplasters roll i framtidens cirkulära samhälleNordemballagehttp://www.n-e.nu
170327Svensk forskarsatsning för bioplastsamhälle Packmarknadenhttp://sustainable-steps.se/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Packnet-27-mars-17.odt
170630StepOn - the future floor varnish is made of sugarNews, Bonahttp://news.cision.com/bona-ab/r/environmentally-friendly-and-renewable--stepon---the-future-floor-varnish-is-made-of-sugar,c2300548
170703Hon provade ett mindre plastigt liv i en månadSydsvenskanwww.sydsvenskan.se/2017-06-29/inte-latt-att-leva-utan-plast
170711Framtidens plast kan tillverkas av koldioxidLTH-Nytthttp://www.lth.se/nyheter-och-press/nyheter/visa-nyhet/article/framtidens-plast-kan-tillverkas-av-koldioxid/
170719Framtidens plast kan göras av koldioxidExtrakthttp://www.extrakt.se/innovation-och-gron-tillvaxt/framtidens-plast-kan-goras-av-koldioxid/
170810Plast av Olja kommer att fasas utETChttps://www.etc.se/klimat/plast-av-olja-kommer-att-fasas-ut
170921Drömmen är plast av koldioxidMistrahttp://www.mistra.org/aktuellt/nyhetsarkiv/2017-09-21-drommen-ar-plast-av-koldioxid.html
171017Nya steg på golv av sockerRetur (Sysav)https://www.sysav.se/globalassets/retur-nr-2-2017.pdf
171022Hon är med i jakten på ny klimaträddareSydsvenskanwww.sydsvenskan.se/2017-10-22/infor-arets-klimatmote-den-som-forvandlar-koldioxid-till-nagot-nyttigt-vinner-stora-priset
180210Strategi. Plastikproblemet kraever skrappe metoderPolitiken https://www.pressreader.com/denmark/politiken/20180210/281973198112113
180630STEPS utvecklar morgondagens miljövänliga plastSSF Framtidens Forskninghttp://framtidensforskning.se/presentation/steps-utvecklar-morgondagens-miljovanliga-plast/