Past events & Downloads


It is important to STEPS to have a close dialogue with the Society and to transparently communicate findingt during the way. Research forums and events are important channels for STEPS to communicate about the program.

Here you can find documentations and photos from different events.

Presenting STEPS for Mistra board and staff September 2017

Exactly after one year from the kick-off, in the very same building – Gamla Biskopshuset in Lund – STEPS work package leaders presented the programme’s results, challenges and future development for Mistra’s staff and Board.

                Nicola Rehnberg (Bona) talks about STEPS first demo product: the floor varnish StepOn

StepOn Demonstration June 2017

On the 28th of June 2017, STEPS fulfilled an important milestone – demonstration of the first product, the fructose-based floor coating StepOn. After only 10 months since the launch of STEPS, Bona and LU developed a coating with durability and chemical resistance similar, if not better, than the conventional fossil-based products on the market.

Program director Rajni Hatti-Kaul welcomes the participants to the event


StepOn floor coating being applied on the floor of a meeting room in the Chemical
Center, Lund University

Program Meeting May 2017

STEPS programme meeting took place on 30-31 May 2017 in the nice surroundings of Örenäs Castle, Glumslöv, and was attended by academic partners, industrial representatives, board members and invited speakers from Sweden and the rest of Europe.

                Panel discussion at the end of the programme meeting

Acting host for an important guest

MEP Federley visited Lund on the 21 of April 2017 and had a meeting with STEPS
researchers and some of the industrial partners (Perstorp, Region Skåne and Sysav).

Kickoff September 2016

The programme start was formally set by a kick-off meeting at Gamla Biskopshuset in Lund on 12 September 2016, attended by the majority of academic and industrial partners.